Copying AMP backups to a Windows machine

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This article explains how to save the most recent AMP nightly backup to a Windows machine using WinSCP as follows (for a description of WinSCP see the NOTE at the bottom of this article):

- Install WinSCP on the Windows machine (this was tested using WinSCPv4) 
- In WinSCP configure a connection to your AMP server
- Download the contents of the ZIP file attached to this article
- Run the batch file to copy the AMP backup to the Windows machine

OPTIONAL: Create a Windows Scheduled Task to run the batch file run on a regular basis (every day, for example).

The batch file will copy the most recent nightly backup file from the /var/airwave-backup/ directory. If the target directory on the Windows machine already contains one or more backups, the script will rotate the files --just as the AMP does-- keeping four backups in all. You can modify the script to change this behavior or to have it change the name of the backup file when it saves it (appending the current date, for example).

1. Download the WinSCP installation file from the following URL:
2. Install WinSCP
3. Run WinSCP and click "New" to define a connection to your AMP server
NOTE: The username (and password --optional) you enter here are the ones for root access to the AMP console, not the ones you use to access the AMP GUI from a web browser.
4. Save the profile. Be sure the name you specify contains no spaces
Example: AMP-server

1. Open the attached file in WinZip or similar
2. Create a directory where you want the backups to be stored. 
Example: c:\amp-backups
3. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to the directory you created
4. Use the Windows-Run feature or open a Command Prompt window and run the GetAMPBackups batch file like this:

GetAMPBackups.bat <name_of_WinSCP_Profile> <backup_dir> <optional path to WinSCP.exe>

GetAMPBackups.bat marshall C:
GetAMPBackups.bat C:\backups\ D:\Programs\WinSCP.exe

1. Go to the Control Panel and choose Scheduled Tasks
2. Run the "Add Scheduled Task" wizard
3. Browse and select the GetAMPBackups.bat script
4. Select when you want to script to run
5. You do not need to specify a username and password here; those are included in the WinSCP profile you created above
6. Check the option: 
Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish.
7. Click Finish
8. If an error message box appears, that's expected. Click OK. The Task Scheduler pop-up window should come up next.
9. Select the Task tab
10. In the Run field, after GetAMPBackups.bat, add a space and then enter the appropriate <name_of_WinSCP_profile> and <backup_directory>
11. Optional: Select the Settings tab and configure as desired
12. Click OK

The Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) facilitates copying files securely from one machine to another over a network. There are other similar applications available that you could use. We chose WinSCP because it is a well-known application with a large installed base and it's free.

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Same here, where can I get the script?  Could you please send it to my email address?  Thanks...