Custom reports are failing



Custom reports which are scheduled for daily is failing

AMP : 8.2.x



When we open the failed reports we would see the following error message :

“ERROR: stack depth limit exceeded HINT: Increase the configuration parameter "max_stack_depth" (currently 2048kB), after ensuring the platform's stack depth limit is adequate. CONTEXT: SQL statement "SELECT ap.upstream_device_id FROM ap LEFT JOIN ap upstream on ap.upstream_device_id = WHERE = ap_id AND ap.upstream_device_id IS NOT NULL AND upstream.is_up = 0" PL/pgSQL function root_cause_device_id_for_ap_id(bigint,boolean) line 7 at SQL statement SQL statement "SELECT”.


We see this error 'stack depth limit exceeded' because there is circular references for upstream device in the database. And stored procedure root_cause_device_id_for_ap_id is recursive and will reach the stack limit.


The following Query will provide us the database status:

 # dbc 'select id, upstream_device_id from ap where upstream_device_id is not null;'

  id  | upstream_device_id


 4718 |                831

 4721 |                831

 4720 |                831

 3787 |               3787


From the above output we see that the ID - 3787 is circular references for upstream device in the database.


We need to manually set 3787's upstream_device_id to null to fix the error by executing the following Query;

root@mercury]# dbc "update ap SET upstream_device_id =  NULL where id = 3787;"

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