DHCP Based AirWave Detection

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Aruba Employee

Introduction : Starting from ArubaOS 7.3.1, the Mobility Access Switch can be provisioned with the AirWave parameters through DHCP. To achieve this, DHCP options 60 and 43 are used to transmit the AirWave configuration parameters.


To avoid conflicts with Aruba Instant AP deployments, the Mobility Access Switch uses the same DHCP option 60 value (ArubaInstantAP), to first check if DHCP option 43 contains AirWave configuration parameters.



Feature Notes :

Important Points to Remember:
1) If Mobility Access Switch receives AirWave parameters as part of option 43, it will not attempt Activate based Zero Touch Provisioning.
2) If option 60 is not offered or does not match the value ArubaInstantAP, then the Mobility Access Switch igno
res option 43 and initiates the Activate based Zero Touch Provisioning.



Network Topology : Airwave <---> Aruba Mobility Switch <------> IAP Network


Configuration Steps :


Option 43 is sent in the format, Group:Top-Folder:Sub-Folder,AMP IP,Pre shared secret where:
  • Group maps to Device Group in AirWave.
  • Group:Top-Folder:Sub-Folder maps to Folder information for the device.
  • AMP IP is the AirWave IP.
  • Pre shared secret is the shared secret between AirWave and the device.

Answer :

For example,

If the option 43 string is Acme:Store1,,aruba123 the following group and folder structure is created on AMP:
  • A group with the name, Acme is created.
  • A top-level folder with the name, Acme is created.
  • A sub-folder with the name, Store1 is created.
  • AirWave IP is
  • Pre shared secret is aruba123.
The format, Group,AMP IP,Pre shared secret is also accepted as sub-folder is not mandatory in the AMP configuration parameters.



Verification :


(ArubaS1500-24P) #show ip dhcp  database
DHCP enabled
# vlan140
subnet netmask {
        default-lease-time 14400;
        max-lease-time 14400;
        option vendor-class-identifier  "ArubaInstantAP";
        option vendor-encapsulated-options  "";
        option domain-name-servers;
        option routers;
        option user-option-43 code 43 = text;
        option user-option-43 "test:2,,aruba";
        option user-option-60 code 60 = text;
        option user-option-60 "ArubaInstantAP";

So here the AP will get the IP address and get the option 43 and 60 from the DHCP server. By using this option it will communicate the Airwave Server and try to create a domain with folder and come up in the Airwave Server.


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Just wondering if in an Active/Backup Airwave scenario we can (or want to) pass the two IPs of the Airwave servers using Option 60 and what the format for that would be?



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