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Data stored on this system (bandwidth, user count, error counters, etc.) is from the future:-

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This check was introduced in AWMS 6.2. During nightly maintenance, AWMS checks the status of files to make sure that they are in a good state. This error message occurs when AWMS thinks that the time difference between files and the actual time is appreciable. In effect, files are "newer" than the current time as AWMS knows it.

Here's a few things to check:

From the command line:
# date
-This checks the date/time of the AMWS server. You should contact support if your date returns a time that is far off in the future.

# service ntpd status
-If you're utilizing NTP, then this will check to make sure that the service is running.
# ntpdate -u <ipaddr of ntp>
-This is a related NTP query which shows the offset jitter of the NTP server.

# cat /var/airwave/rrd/rrd_check
-This prints out a list of files which the AWMS thinks are in the future. When AWMS is in a good state, the rrd_check file should be empty. If the list isn't empty, you'll want to # ls -la for files listed to check and confirm that the time of the file is the same as # date. If the they match then follow these steps to re-run the check from nightly maintenance:

# touch /tmp/base
# perl -e 'utime time+600, time+600, "/tmp/base"'
# /usr/bin/find /var/airwave/rrd -newer /tmp/base -type f > /var/airwave/rrd/rrd_check

These commands will only help if the time stamp of the files match the time of the # date command.
NOTE: You may be encountering this error message as a result of insufficient disk I/O capacity or other performance issue

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Thanks for the article. This is my problem. In the end of article you have mention the procedure to re-run the check on the files in case of no difference between current date and this files date. On my case I have difference between the date. How is the procedure in order to fix the date/time on this files ?

There are some differences between the dates same as @abrazioli. I cleaned up the contents of folder and it had solved but today I saw same warning on the dashboard again. How can I solve excatly? Should I clean up everytime?  

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