Default umask value needed for Airwave


What is the default umask value that we need to set on supported Linux version [redhat / centos]for Airwave installation?


When we use Airwave installation image the Linux installation will set the umask value to 0022. However during the custom installation using Redhat or Centos. we need to make sure the umask value is set to 0022. If we fail to do that then when we perform the Airwave installation the packages will be installed and relevant files [.bin / .conf] created during installation will have improper file permissions.

How to verify the umask value prior to Airwave package installation?

Run the umask command to make sure it is 0022 as show below.

[root@amws8091 ~]# umask

If umask is different as seen below then we can update it using the umask command itself.


Here, the umask value was set to 0027

[root@amws8091 ~]# umask

Here we are correcting the umask value.

[root@amws8091 ~]# umask 0022
[root@amws8091 ~]# umask


[note: the customized umask value in the /etc/profile file which would have been updated by the server admin which can be commented by adding # in front of the defined umask eg.,:#umask 0027]


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