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Does Airwave support LDAP rules to assign AMP user role?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

From Airwave 8.0 version, AirWave includes an option to define LDAP rule that assigns an AMP user role when configuring LDAP authentication for Airwave management users. LDAP rules can only be configured and applied after LDAP authentication is enabled. The configurable parameters for LDAP rule are Position, Role Attribute, Operation, Value and AMP Role. When creating multiple LDAP rules, rules are processed in order based on the rule position value.

From AMP setup -> Authentication-> Enable LDAP Authentication and Authorization, then LDAP rules can be configured to Assign AMP user roles.
Sample LDAP configuration with LDAP rule:



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Is there an option that doesn't use clear text?   And can we please have a TEST button.

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