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Dump/Restore Folders and Groups from one Airwave server to another

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
Steps to backup and restore groups/folders of APs from one AMP to another:

On the Source AMP, we can export CSV file from Groups or we can create a CSV file containing Names of the groups to be moved. 

The CSV file should Follow this format : (Group name as header)
some group1
some group2
some group3
1: If any of the groups are global/subscriber groups, use the CSV to create a list of group membership: --csv path-to-file-from-step-1.csv --unset_global > /tmp/group_membership
2: On the source AMP, dump the groups and their devices by using file-from-step-1.csv.
3: Copy the groups' tarballs from /var/airwave/custom/group_dumps on the source AMP to /var/airwave/custom/group_dumps on the destination AMP.
4: Copy the CSV and group_membership files from the source AMP to the destination AMP.
5: On the destination AMP, run file-from-step-1.csv. 
If any of the groups are global/subscriber groups, run < path-to-group_membership

To restore the folders.

Run the flowing commands from cli
#  cd /usr/local/airwave/bin
#  ./* >/tmp/folder.csv
                It will create a folder dump in /tmp directory. We will have to copy this to /tmp directory to the destination server.

Then on the destination server, run the flowing commands.
#  cd /usr/local/airwave/bin
# ./*  /tmp/folder.csv

Note: This will create only a flat data base of the folder structure. The RRD files will not be copied
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