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Enabling templates for Cisco IOS devices for 5.0 upgrade

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

In order to upgrade to 5.0, youll need to take the following steps for groups that contain Cisco IOS APs:

Go to the Groups --> Monitor tab and click on the Modify devices link. Check all boxes in the list and change the management level to Monitor only. Click the Management mode button to apply the new setting. 

Go to the Groups --> Basic page and select the option to use templates for IOS devices. 

Go the Groups -->Templates tab and click Add a new template. 
Identify an IOS AP that is up and is configured correctly. Select that device from the drop-down menu and click Fetch. After the template is built, click the Add button. 

On the Groups --> Templates tab, check the box next to the template you want to apply to the group and click Save and Apply. On the confirmation page, click Apply changes now. 

After taking these steps for all groups with IOS APs you will be able to upgrade to 5.0. You will likely find some mismatches and need to do a bit of fine-tuning to get all APs into good configuration, but you can do that after the upgrade.

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