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Firmware version selection issues when upgrading IAP from Airwave


If we have same version of IAP firmware but for different model of Access Points which are in different groups, Airwave shows only one version of firmware in the firmware upgrade list.

For example we have 3 firmware files uploaded on AMP as per the screen shot below.


As per the above screenshot, I have firmware file version ( Orion ) for the IAP model 105/175and ( Cassiopeia ) for the IAP model 135. Take note that the last uploaded firmware file is( Cassiopeia ) for IAP model 135 on AMP.

Now if we go to any group that contains the IAP model 135 to upgrade the firmware, it is not displaying the firmware version( Cassiopeia ) for the IAP model 135 on AMP which was last uploaded.

If we go to any group it is comparing only version number which is in braces but it is not checking what kind of firmware file ( like Orion/Cassiopeia) etc. So, we are not displaying the firmware at all as there is a firmware file with that version number existing in the list.


One might think this is a bug with Airwave as it is not able to find the appropriate firmware version based on the model of IAP that it is trying to ugprade. However, this is not true as Airwave knows which device needs which flavors of code to upgrade to. Please see below for the best practice to implement the firmware upgrade in such cases.


 If you have different device types that require different flavors (Orion, Cassiopeia, Aries, Pegasus) of Instant AOS, then the process is:

1. On the Device Setup Firmware page, upload whichever files you need for the version you want to use. (i.e. ArubaInstant_Cassiopeia_6.2.1.0- and ArubaInstant_Orion_6.2.1.0-

2. When you go to create upgrade jobs, you just need to specify what version you want to upgrade to (i.e. Airwave knows which devices need which flavors are needed for which device and will update devices with the appropriate versions.

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