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For AWMS 7.0: Important kernel security and bug fix update (RedHat Security Advisory - RHSA) :-

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Important: kernel security and bug fix update

Security Advisory RHSA-2010:0147-1 was issued by Red Hat on 2010-03-16:

To the best of our knowledge, AWMS is not vulnerable to this issue when running from the default installation on the bundled CentOS install. Just the same, we feel that you should be advised that this issue exists, especially if you have modified the OS or are running the server on Red Hat Linux.

POST UPGRADE NOTE: eth0 not found after reboot
In a small number of cases after upgrading the kernel the following error has occurred: eth0 interface cannot be found.

One of the following steps will usually resolve the issue:

1. Reboot again
In some cases we have seen that a second reboot clears the error (in one case the error finally cleared after a fourth reboot).

2. Unplug eth0, reboot, plug back in eth0.

3. Swap to interface eth1, and then swap back to eth0.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please contact Customer Support.

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