HP Insight install instructions for AMP servers

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Following are instructions for installing HP/Compaq Insight Manager on the AMP:

Step 1: SCP the two files over to the server:

hpasm-7.8.0-88.rhel4.i386.rpm <- This is the actual HP agents
hpsmh-2.1.9-178.linux.i386.rpm <- This is the HP web portal to the agents

Step 2: Type 'rpm -i hpasm-7.8.0-88.rhel4.i386.rpm'

Step 3: Type 'hpasm activate' 

Take the default values. You will need the SNMP RW and RO strings at this point.

Step 4: Type rpm i --nopre hpsmh-2.1.9-178.linux.i386.rpm ' <- - The nopre is required to keep the rpm from erroring out on CentOS vs. RedHat. This rpm MUST be run after the hpasm rpm since the pre-install scripts in the hpsmh rpm arent being run.

Step 5: Type 'perl /usr/local/hp/hpSMHSetup.pl'

This will configure the web server.
Add Group -> Administrator with name '0'
IP Binding enable (type 1)
Next page enter the Ip address and mask of the server

Step 6: Type /etc/init.d/hpasm reconfigure

When going through this menu this time, select 'y' to use existing snmpd.conf.

Step 7: Type 'vi /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf'

Change these two lines:
rwcommunity xxxstringxxx
rocommunity xxxstringxxx

to read:

rwcommunity xxxstringxxx
rwcommunity xxxstringxxx

Step 8: Type 'service snmpd restart'

Step 9: type 'user add xxusernamexx'

Step 10: type 'passwd xxusernamexx' and put in a password for the user.

Step 11: type 'vi /etc/passwd '

Scroll to the bottom of the list and change the new users UID and GroupID to 0 (4th and 5th column).

Step 12: Connect to the server using https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:2381 and the username and password that you created in steps 9 and 10.

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