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How To Change The Directory For Switch Config Backup In HPE IMC (Intelligent Management Center)


HPE IMC (Intelligent Management Center) on Windows Server


The version of IMC in use will determine if the change involves the QVDM.CONF file or performed within the GUI.

Instructions for each are in the Configuration section below.


On HPE IMC versions prior to v7.3 (E0705P02):   File qvdm.conf will be modified on the server

  • Copy the qvdm.conf file present in “C:\Program Files\iMC\server\conf” to some other location just in case we need to return to the previous state
  • Go to the directory C:\Program Files\iMC\server\conf
  • Edit the file qcdm.conf with notepad

#Configuration File Data Path
CfgBakDir = C:\Program Files\iMC/server/data/cfgbak

#Configuration File Data Path
CfgBakDir = C:\Test

  • Make the necessary changes in #Configuration File Data Path with the new directory
  • Now save the file
  • Stop and start the IMC services from IDMA


On HPE IMC running with version v7.3 (E0705P02): Backup path can only be changed via GUI as below:

  1. Login to IMC GUI
  2. Navigate to Service ==> Configuration Center ==> Options
  3. Click on Backup Policy tab
  4. Change the path as required and click Ok



Perform the test by backing up device configuration.  Now the files should be saved under new directory selected/configured


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