How do I delete a folder?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

AMP only allows you to delete empty folders that have no sub-folders. You can delete an empty folder by going to the APs/Devices > List page and choosing your empty folder from the drop down list (see screen shots attached). Then at the bottom of the page click the Delete this Folder button.

A couple of conditions other than a Folder not being empty or having sub-folders can prevent the Delete button from showing up:

1. The Folder contains Ignored devices.
Move the devices to another Folder, then delete the Folder:
- Go to APs/Devices > Ignored page
- Check all devices in Folder to be deleted
- <Unignore>
- Go to APs/Devices > List page
- click on the Modify Devices link
- Check all devices in Folder to be deleted
- Using options below list: Move to Folder <select another Folder from drop down list>
- <Move>
- <Apply Changes Now>
If you want to Ignore the devices again:
- click on the Modify Devices link
- Check all devices to be Ignored
- Using options below list: <Ignore>
Delete the Folder using the instructions at the top of this article.

2. A Role has been defined with this Folder specified as its Top Folder.
Check the Top Folder column on the AMP Setup > Roles page.
Either delete the Role or change its Top Folder (click on the pencil icon next to the Role name to Edit the Role definition).






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