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How do I import floor plans, a campus into VisualRF from RF Plan?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

(see also related link below)

We've been using stand-alone RF Plan and would like to import our campus into VisualRF. We don't have MMS and our controllers don't have enough memory to upload the campus, but these appear to be the only two Import features in VisualRF that apply to out situation. How can we import our campus into VisualRF?

- In RF Plan do File | Export
- Select "Controller Web UI Format (3.0)" from the drop down
- Click on the Select button and enter a filename ending with a .CGI extension
- In AWMS go to the VisualRF > Import page
- Select "Import Floor Plans from an Aruba/Alcatel-Lucent Controller"
- Read the note about allocating enough memory for VisualRF
- Click on the "Begin Importing Floor Plans" link near the bottom of the page
- Browse to the file you exported from RF Plan and click Upload
- IMPORTANT: When the upload is complete click on the "Validate" link at the top of the page
- Leave all the APs marked as "planned"
- Click on the Override button
- Select a floor plan to verify that the import worked. APs will show up on the floor plan as red question marks. (?)

After the APs have been added to AWMS to be monitored / managed you can go to the individual floor plans, right-click on the question mark representing an AP and select the AP that matches this location.

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