How do I set up AirMagnet-AMP integration

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

As you may know, AirMagnet detects rogue APs. Through the AirMagnet Console, you can configure AirMagnet fetch a list of AMP's known APs so that AirMagnet won't count them as rogues. 

To configure AirMagnet to send data to AMP, you can do this from the AirMagnet Console: 

1. Click on 'Manage-Configure' 
2. Click the 'Import ACL' checkbox 
3. Select the Airwave dll 
4. Click on the 'Advanced' button right next to the dll detection pulldown 
5. Input 'https://<LOCATION.OF.AMP>/ap_list.xml
6. Supply username and password information 
7. Click 'OK' twice 
8. Wait about a minute for the Console polling interval to pass, and the ACL to be imported

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