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How do i avoid false down alerts on Airwave when a site is under scheduled maintainance

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
One of my site is undergoing renovation work and the devices are down. How do i avoid Airwave sending out device down alerts without disabling the trigger.


We can enable Planned downtime mode for such devices. Please refer to the screen shot below.


Enable the planned downtime mode. This will make AirWave not to poll the device until we disable the planned downtime mode. The device status will be shown as UP and we would not receive any false alarms for the same.

To move a bunch of devices to planned downtime mode, we would need to list them all in a view. The view may be group/folder view or anything which would list all of those devices.

Example: If we want to enable planned downtime mode for a controller and all its AP's, the view would be the Controller's Monitor page.

Once we have the view, use the "Modify Devices" link and select the appropriate devices and enable planned downtime mode as shown below.


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