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How does AP and controller usage is calculated in Airwave?


How does AP and controller usage is calculated in Airwave?


In the past, prior to 8.0.7 all usage graphs are calculated based on Client usage then the total client usage of an Access point is mapped its respective Access point and total Access Point usage is mapped to its respective Controller usage.

In this method, Controller sends the usage of each client for the clients currently present in the user/Station table and it is done in a periodic interval. So the clients connected and disconnects in between the interval usage data is unknown to Airwave.

Considering the following facts in Airwave 8.0.7 we have modified the bandwidth usage calculation of the device using a different usage source however for clients session usage calculation remains the same because there is no feasible solution since the usage data source cannot be static / defined (Clients) as device usage data source (Bssid) .

More client associated and exits in between the polling interval.
Live clients disassociates in between the polling interval will update in Airwave as session ended with last known usage for the clients.
In the new method of Device usage calculation introduced in 8.0.7 Airwave uses usage of AP’s bssid usage and map that as AP’s usage and all the Aps usage is mapped to the respective controller’s usage.

This way the network usage is captured for devices and it is an expected to see different in usage data when compared Device Summary usage with Client session usage reports.

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