How does Airwave detect upstream device


How does Airwave  detect the upstream device for the device being monitored/managed by Airwave?


Airwave uses the below Methods. 

1: Bridge forwarding table.

 2: CDP 

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Does Aruba gear support CDP now? I thought it only supported LLDP.
How is Airwave supposed to pull the cam table information from switches that are not managed by it?

What causes Airwave to fail from Method 1 to Method 2?
Is the method configurable and if so where?
If not, what steps are required in order to allow Airwave to pull the cam table information from the switches on CiscoIOS/HP Proliant/Aruba platforms?

AirWave uses the source protocol (SNMP/HTTP or CDP/LLDP) to discover devices on the network and goes a step further and discovers neighbors directly connected to a switch or router. 

CDP uses the polling interval configured for each individual Cisco switch or router on the Groups > List page. The Switch needs to be added on Airwave. AirWave requires read-only access to a router or switch for all subnets that contain wired or wireless devices. The polling interval is specified on the Groups > Basic page

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