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How is Airwave Glass better than Airwave Master Console?


How is Airwave Glass better than Airwave Master Console?




AirWave Glass is built from grounds up using the latest cloud computing technologies primarily the ELK (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana) stack. With scale and fault tolerance in mind. Moving to a pre-compute architecture enables us to handle data more efficiently at scale. Unlike the master console, Glass aggregates and stores the data that is required to build dashboards and reports onto the platform itself. This enhances performance significantly. Glass adds support for newer dashboards like UCC, AppRF, Clarity and also adds a brand new Client session dashboard. With built-in Single Sign On (SSO) customers can navigate from Glass to AirWave without having to logging in again. The underlying platform enables us to leapfrog every other product we have from a search standpoint. Glass supports an advanced search functionality that is lightning fast and provides granular filtering options to get to the low level data. Glass has a brand new reporting framework that makes it easier for the customers to take a snapshot of the network at any given point of time We have a strong roadmap to continue to enhance Glass in upcoming releases.

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