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How is graphed historical data stored and aged out in AMP?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

AMP keeps track of time-series data, including bandwidth, user count, 802.11 error counters, uptime, and user signal quality, in files managed by RRDtool. 

The fixed-size RRD files consist of archives that keep data at different resolutions depending on how old the data is. As data moves from one archive to the next, it is consolidated in some way, usually by taking the average of the new time period over the old time period (sometimes the maximum value in the old time period is taken as well). 

These are the archive resolution and sizes:
30-second data is kept for 1 hour.
5-minute data is kept for 1.5 days.
30-minute data is kept for 8 days. 
2-hour data is kept for 36 days.
1-day data is kept for 425 days.

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