How to Disable user idle timeout


How to Disable user idle timeout?


This feature allows user to disable timeout that means it will not prompt to login again. This will be a good feature if you want to continuously monitor the activities in Network through Airwave from a Dedicated Screen/Monitor.


In order to use this feature, you need to create a Role with allow disable timeout parameter. Then assign this role to the user.

The users with this role Role will have ability to Disable Timeout.




Steps to configure this:

1. Navigate to AMP Setup > Roles > Create a new Role. While configuring the role make sure to select "Allow user to disable timeout:" option.

Note: Disable Timeout won't prompt you to login again. Hence, its recommended to user the option for Read Only Roles.


2. Now, create a user from AMP Setup > Users > Add user and map the role with Disable timeout option.

3. Once they login they can navigate to Home > User Info > Display Preferences > Check "yes"

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Hello esupport,


is it possible to configure the idle timeout with aruba iap?


thank you for your answer.

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