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How to Extract visualRF backup from Nightly backup on AirWave on 8.x version

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

On AirWave servers which are greater than version 8.0.x, we can extract VisualRF backup from Nightly backup without restoring the Nightly backup on different server.

On any scenarios, where we see VisualRF has lost floor plans or AP's on a server due to any reason, we can quickly extract the VisualRF backup from last good known Airwave backup, either Pre-upgrade backup or Nightly backup to restore VisualRF on the server.


Copy the last good know nightly backup where VisualRF is working fine to some location in AMP like /tmp folder or /var/airwave/custom folder.

Assuming the nightly backup is 001 and is copied to /tmp folder, run the below command to find the Visualrf backup in nightly backup. It will start with Visualrf_backup and ends with .zip,

# tar ztvf /tmp/nightly_data001.tar.gz | grep .zip

Find the file which is in visualrf_backup_<server name>.zip format and extract using below command. Make sure to use the exact .zip file name in the below command for  visualrf_backup*

# tar zxvf /tmp/nightly_data001.tar.gz var/airwave/temp/visualrf_backup*

Once the file is extracted copy the .zip file from var/airwave/temp/ to your PC by WinSCP or other tools and import from Airwave UI from VisualRF > Import page with the option 'Import Floor plans From a VisualRF or VisualRF Plan Backup'.



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