How to Install Airwave on Hyper-V

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction : This article talks about installing Airwave on Hyper V


Configuration Steps :


Installing in a Hyper-V Environment

 -> AirWave has been tested in-house using the Hyper-V Manager on a Windows Server 2000 R2.

 -> A legacy network adapter must be configured in order to install in a Hyper-V virtual environment. Follow the steps
below before installing AirWave.

1. During the initial setup of the virtual machine, specify to add a new Legacy Network Adapter in the Add
Hardware section. The image is similar to below.

User-added image

2. Click Add. In the left pane, select the legacy network adapter, and configure its settings in the right pane.

User-added image

Installing AirWave on the Virtual Machine.

Installing AirWave on a Hyper-V virtual machine is typically done in one of two ways:

1:  By writing an AMP ISO to DVD, inserting the DVD into a physical drive on a Hyper-V server, and then configuring
the AMP virtual machine to boot from the DVD.

 2: By copying the AMP ISO to the Hyper-V server's datastore or to a networked filesystem available to the Hyper-V
server, and then configuring the AMP virtual machine to boot from the ISO file.

Overall, the second option is likely the most efficient method to install AMP. After booting the AMP virtual machine
with either a physical DVD or the ISO image file.

Once the instance boots up with the provided ISO, the below screen would appear and we can follow the on-screen procedures to continue with the installation.

User-added image

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