How to change the iDRAC ip address via the GUI

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

In the event that a customer has inadvertently configured the iDRAC Express IP Address via the front panel control (or via the console) to conflict with the AirWave server IP Address they may be presented with the iDRAC interface when attempting to reach the AirWave server.

In this event the customer can change the iDRAC ip address via the GUI w/o having to restart the machine (or they can correct it using the front panel control again).

To log into the iDRAC GUI the default credentials are "root/calvin". Once they have logged in they will be presented with the System Summary page. To change the configured ip address they'll need to navigate to "Remote Access" on the left navigation pane. This will update the page to show the iDRAC remote access information. They'll need to select "Network/Security" from the top navigation bar to access the configuration page. Under IPv4 settings they'll be able to readdress the iDRAC to a non-conflicted address within the same subnet.

Please note that Airwave R610 based appliances ship with the iDRAC6 EXPRESS edition which does NOT have a discrete ethernet port. The EXPRESS shares the same physical ethernet connection with the AirWave eth0 interface and may be assigned an address in the same subnet as the AirWave server, but must NOT be assigned the *same* address as the AirWave server.

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