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How to configure AMON profile to eliminate RTLS messages that it sends to Airwave?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction- This article will help to explain how to configure AMON profile to eliminate RTLS messages that it sends to Airwave.

Feature Notes- In Aruba controller the AMON profile is by default defined to send RTLS messages to the mobility manager server [Airwave].

Environment- Since the default AMON profile is set to send RTLS messages to the Airwave server. To avoid receiving this RTLS message alone we need to modify the AMON profile configuration and this will also prevent Airwave to use less CPU resource.

Configuration Steps- SSh into Aruba controller and make the following configuration changes.

(Aruba7220)> enable
(Aruba7220) # configure t
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z
(Aruba7220) (config) #mgmt-server profile default-amp
(Aruba7220) (Mgmt Config profile "default-amp") #no tag-enable
(Aruba7220) (Mgmt Config profile "default-amp") #exit
(Aruba7220) (config) #exit

Verification- Please run the following commands from Aruba Controller command line to verify the configuration changes made in the AMON profile.

(Aruba7220) #show mgmt-server profile default-amp 

Mgmt Config profile "default-amp" (Predefined (changed))
Parameter          Value
---------          -----
Stats              Enabled
Tag                Disabled
Sessions           Enabled
Monitored Info     Disabled
Misc               Enabled
Location           Enabled
UCC Monitoring     Disabled
AirGroup Info      Disabled
Inline DHCP stats  Enabled
Inline AP stats    Enabled
Inline Auth stats  Enabled
Inline DNS stats   Enabled

(Aruba7220) #


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