How to configure AppRF for per SSID visualization?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

AppRF helps in doing an application Deep packet inspection. This Article helps in improvisation on this visibility in IAP.

AppRF visualization enhancements to support per SSID view - from

Environment : IAP cluster with + and Airwave version 8.0.4+.

Network Topology : AMP (8.0.4+) ------------ IAP Cluster (  ))))) Clients


Enabling AppRF is a global knob. Once it is enabled one can get a per SSID and per client view of AppRF and Web Content Classification.



To check per SSID AppRF stats,




Ensure that AppRF has been enabled.
Use the below command to  check the AppRF related traffic. Has the traffic been classified or not.



Below is a CLI command to check the DPI session.

18:64:72:c8:20:16#   show dpi-stats session full

Datapath DPI CDR Session Table Entries
Source IP      SSID ID  App                Webcat                         Webrep                TX Bytes  Rx Bytes
---------      -------  ---                ------                         ------                --------  --------  0        windowslive(298)   computer-and-internet-info(5)  trustworthy-sites(5)  459       438  0        nbns(128)          Not-Classified(0)              Not-Classified(0)     156       0  0        ssdp(197)          Not-Classified(0)              Not-Classified(0)     7728      0  0        Not-Classified(0)  Not-Classified(0)              Not-Classified(0)     207       709  0        dns(32)            Not-Classified(0)              Not-Classified(0)     150       0  0        google(54)         search-engines(50)             trustworthy-sites(5)  3308      5099

 Num of Entries:6



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