How to debug clairty engine issues in Airwave


How to debug clarity engine issues


We can debug issue on the clarity engine by collecting logs directly from Airwave WebUI or collecting logs from remote clarity host.


Collecting Logs

Logs for a specific test can be collected from the Results window.
To collect logs:
1. Navigate to Home > Clarity > Synthetics > Test Details.
2. Open the Results window from the Timestamp link.


3. Click Collect Logs.
4. From the Downloads directory, right-click the collected log .zip file and select an application, such as 7-Zip, WinRAR, or WinZip, to open the file.


Debugging on the Host

Debugging logs are located at /var/log/.

To debug issues on the host of a Clarity Engine:

1. Run a test from AirWave and check for the /var/log/containtersResults/finalResult_<testId> file to
verify if the test completed successfully.

2. If the test file is not present, verify if there is an active connection between the Clarity Engine and AirWave. Validate this information using the /var/log/serverbackend.log file. A heart beat message exchange between Clarity Engine and AirWave indicates the connection is successful. Note if there are errors in establishing a connection.


Example of a Heartbeat Message

amsSyntheticClientBackend - DEBUG - amsSyntheticClientSendHeartBeat:=>Heartbeat Data :
[{'numOfTests': 0, 'timeStamp': 1475614236.959801, 'serverIp': '', 'cpuUsage':
'0.9%us,', 'rpmVersion': 'AMS-, Built by snarayanan at Tue Oct 4 15:58:44 IST
2016\n', 'memFree': '473388k', 'memUsed': '1441104k', 'serverState': 'IDLE'}]
If connection is successful, check if the Clarity Engine received the test configuration log file from AirWave.
/var/log/serverbackend.log and flag if there are any errors.
<testId> for test initiated from AirWave indicates if Clarity Engine received configuration.


3. If the server back end received configuration from AirWave check /var/log/stats_collector.log file for container creation. Flag if there are any errors. Check the following log for successful container creation:

Client IP :=>, Client MAC :=> 84:D4:7E:C8:47:1E, Client NAME :=>
aclarity225a,Container Id :=> 177, Test Mode :=> Campus,
amsSyntheticClientInitandStatsCollector - DEBUG - amsContainerInitInfra:=>Starting creation
of container Container_112,
amsSyntheticClientInitandStatsCollector - DEBUG - amsContainerInitInfra:=>received event
amsContainerReadyEvent:Container_112, container up and running, waiting for test request
amsSyntheticClientInitandStatsCollector - DEBUG - amsContainerInitInfra:=>received event
amsContainerTestRequestStarted:Container_112, container testWheel started test

4. Collect logs as mentioned in Step #1

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