How to delete rrdcached's cache

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

In AirWave 7.5.5 and earlier, deleted devices can cause messages like this in /var/airwave/messagein

airwave01 rrdcached[22892]: handle_request_update: stat (/var/airwave/rrd/interface_iftable_counters/1773/00_1B_53_40_BB_AA) failed

The following 6-step process will stop AMP, delete the cache that's used by rrdcached (thus preventing the error messages), then reanable AMP:

/etc/init.d/rrdcached stop
ps axlw | grep rrdcached # for verification
rm -rf /var/airwave/cache/rrdcached/*
/etc/init.d/rrdcached start

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