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How to determine list of interfaces the APs are connected through to the controller


Within a WLAN deployment there might be a requirement to determine all the interfaces of the APs via which they are connected to the Aruba controllers. This article will help determine this information for ALL APs being monitored by a single Airwave server.


The following command will help determine the interface information.

dbc "select ap.device_config_name,, ap.apparent_ip, ap.device_config_aruba_ap_group_name, if_speed_in, if_speed_out, ap.aruba_ap_group_name, from ap, interface where ( and'Enet0' and interface.oper_status=1);"

A sample of the command is shown below.

device_config_name |       name        | apparent_ip  | device_config_aruba_ap_group_name | if_speed_in | if_speed_out | aruba_ap_group_name | name


New AP name        | New AP name       | |                                   |             |              |                     | Enet0

00:24:6c:c4:d3:22  | 00:24:6c:c4:d3:22 | | Satish Test                       |  1000000000 |   1000000000 | Test         | Enet0

ap 124 $$$$        | ap 124 $$$$       | | Airwave_test                      |  1000000000 |   1000000000 | Airwave_test        | Enet0

(3 rows)

If we want to know the AP’s that are connected on the ‘Enet1’ interface, just change the value to ‘Enet1’ in the database query. 


Attached to this article is a script to automate this command output as required. Place this script file in the /tmp directory of the AMP server using “winscp” software and run the below command sequence from the CLI of the AMP server.

# cd /tmp

# chmod 777

# ./

It will create a CSV file with the name ‘Enet0_ports.csv’ in the /tmp directory.


If you want to know where this information is shown on the gui, take a look at the picture below.

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