How to enable SNMP on IOS

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

There are several ways to enable SNMP on IOS APs:

1. AMP can do it automatically if you have the Enable SNMP option set on the Device Setup -> Communication page. 

2. From an AP's web interface go to Services -> SNMP and be sure that these two things are true:

- SNMP is enabled 
- Your SNMP user has its Object Identifier set to iso.

3. From the AMP cli:

snmp-server view iso iso included
snmp-server community public view iso RO

Note that you can change the community string to a read/write string (usually 'private') and specify 'RW' instead of 'RO' at the end of the command. In addition, if you use custom public/private strings, include these in the command instead of the default 'public' or 'private' strings.

Note: If you are running 12.4 train of IOS for 12XX series APs, native VLAN should be up for SNMP to work. BVI can only be on native VLAN.

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