How to enable SSH and SCP on IOS APs

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Before changing the "Cisco IOS Config File Communication" setting on the Groups | Basic page add the following lines to the template for the device:

To Enable SSH:
ip domain name 
ip http secure-server 

To enable SCP :
aaa new-model 
aaa authentication login default [local | group tacacs+]
aaa authorization exec default [local | group tacacs+]

ip scp server enable

You must make these changes to the device's running-config either by having AMP push a config containing the changes to the device using TFTP and then having AMP reboot the device, or by going out to the device itself and modifying the device's running-config directly. 

After the changes are in the devices running-config, change the setting on the Groups | Basic page and have AMP push the config to get a Good configuration.

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