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How to enable/disable view device credentials option on Airwave



On Airwave under Manage page for a device we have an hyperlink to "view device credentials" which allow us to view the SNMP/Telnet credentials provided for a device. Sometimes due to security challenges we would have to disable the link so that it cant be viewed by other users who logs into Airwave.






We have a field in Seas_config table in db which have a column called hide_secrets which would allow us to set a value for enabling or disabling this hyper link.



To disable the hyperlink you can execute the below command from Airwave CLI,


# dbc "update seas_config set hide_secrets = 1;"


To enable the hyperlink we can execute the below command,


# dbc "update seas_config set hide_secrets = 0;"





To verify we can login to Airwave GUI and check whether the link. When its disabled we wont find the link anymore as in the screen shot below,


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