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How to get an email trigger from Airwave when a stolen device connects to the network

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction : This is a straight forward tutorial for creating a notification from Airwave for when a particular MAC Address connects to the network. This can be used to track lost/stolen assets or for when a high profile Manager visits the site.


Environment : This applies to all the versions of Airwave.


Configuration Steps : Log into Airwave and navigate to the System tab and select Triggers.

Click on Add a new Trigger.

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Select “Connected Clients” as the trigger type.

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We can add a relevant note under the notes section and add the Recipient email address to which the alerts will be sent.

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NOTE: We must integrate a SMTP server with Airwave to allow it to send out email.

Below is how can we can integrate this.

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NOTE: If using the embedded SMTP server you don't have to add a relay, its only if you select "NO", AMP includes an SMTP server by default and can send out E-mails without changes. However this is an optional step.

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