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How to get channel utilization from Airwave using API

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How to get channel utilization information from Airwave using an API call?



Currently there is no official API query to get the channel utilization for radios from Airwave. However, you can use the below API which will return time series data like trend but wont be a summarized statistics.


For example if you want to get the channel utilization for a particular AP's particular radio you can use the below API


https://<Your amp ID>/api/rrd_xport.json?start=-300&stop=0&type=channel_utilization&ap_id=<ap ID>&ap_uid=<AP MAC>&radio_interface=1

In the above query replace
Your amp ID : with the IP or host name of your Airwave server

ap ID : with the ID of AP which you will get from the url when you go to the monitoring page of AP on Airwave

AP MAC : with the mac address of the AP



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