How to identify Input & Output capacity(Wired Interfaces) of APs monitored by Airwave

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In Airwave, for the APs added, there might be a requirement to find out data rate(Input & Output Capacity) at which the wired interfaces(ENET0 & ENET1) are connected. This is visible on the any AP-->Monitor page. However, to determine this value for all APs at once we can use the following steps.


The following is the database query which can be run from the Airwave command line to determine the data rate at which the APs are connected.

# dbc "select ap.device_config_name,, ap.apparent_ip, ap.device_config_aruba_ap_group_name, if_speed_in, if_speed_out, ap.aruba_ap_group_name, from ap, interface where ( and'Enet0' and interface.oper_status=1;"

Note1: The command contains the interface name ENET0 which is for Ethernet interface 0, if you want to find out the data rates for Ethernet Interface 1 then replace it with the keyword ENET1 in the  command above.

Note2: The fields of interest are if_speed_in and if_speed_out.


You can create a CSV file with the data rates of either ENET0 or ENET1 for all APs monitored by Airwave. 

Copy the attached script to /tmp directory using WinScp or Filezilla. Login with root credentials when doing so. Then execute the following commands in a sequence.

# cd /tmp

# chmod 777

# ./

It will create a CSV file with the name ‘Enet0_ports.csv’ in the /tmp directory.  The script has been written to save the data with the name 'Enet0_ports.csv', you can rename it as required by editing the script as required.


By executing the command mentioned in the Solution section, the following is the output seen from the Airwave command line.



New AP name| New AP name | |                   |                          |                          |                                     | Enet0

00:24:6c:c4| 00:24:6c:c4:d3:22 | | Bud Test |  1000000000   |   1000000000  | Bud Test                      | Enet0

ap 124 $$$$ | ap 124 $$$$ |  | Airwave_test|  1000000000   |   1000000000  | Airwave_test               | Enet0

(3 rows)

The script execution will result in a CSV file with the exact same fields as mentioned above. In case you need to eliminate certain fields, open the script in Notepad++ and remove the fields from the command in the script.

1000000000=1000 Mbps.

Note:Ensure the syntax is accurate as per the original script if you decide to edit the script.

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