How to move groups from one Airwave to another



For moving the group on Airwave with devices from one Airwave to another, make sure all devices are in monitor-only mode. This process will help in moving all the device in that group to the destination Airwave server along with the configuration present in that group.




We can move the groups from One Airwave server to another using group dump and restore scripts.



We can follow the below steps for moving the group. On the source server go to the below path from Airwave CLI

# cd /root/svn/mercury/tools


Create a CSV file with the group names on your system using Excel and copy it to /var/airwave/custom/group_dumps on the source Airwave server and execute the below command from root directory,


# root 
# /var/airwave/custom/group_dumps/csv_export.csv 


The CSV data file must contain a column named 'group_name' which specifies the groups which will be restored.

 Example CSV file format:

    Home Office
    Remote Office
    Building 15


When we run the above script it will create a tar ball in the location /var/airwave/custom/group_dumps

Now copy the csv as well as the tar balls created under /var/airwave/custom/group_dumps from source server to destination server under /var/airwave/custom/group_dumps and execute the below command from root to restore the dump file.

# root 
# /var/airwave/custom/group_dumps/csv_export.csv 



We can login to the web interface of destination Airwave server and make sure we see all the group data.

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