How to restore VisualRF backup from CLI


1. VisualRF restore from UI fails or timeout if the backup size is large.

2. To use SSH to restore backup if UI is inaccessible or do not have admin rights to UI.


To Restore VisualRF backup from CLI.

(i) Copy the backup file to /var/airwave/custom/backup/. All zip files under that directory will be restored. If you have batche exports from VisualRF. Copy all the backup.zips to this location only. If backup is created under /var/airwave-backup/visualrf/, use that directory.

(ii) Make sure the permissions of the file are root:root or root:visualrf using chown command

(iii) Run the commands below

# root

# export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jre; export VRF_RESTORE_DIR=/var/airwave/custom/backup/; cd /usr/local/airwave/lib/java; su visualrf -s /bin/sh -c ./


1. Download the VisualRF backup from UI or 

2. Create VisualRF backup from CLI using below command. This will generate a backup file called in /var/airwave-backup/visualrf/


3. By default AMP creates VisualRF backup daily under /var/airwave-backup/visualrf/


Please take a look at visualrf_migration log

# tail -f /var/log/visualrf/visualrf_migration.log

This will list the restoration process and once it completes, it shows 'End of Restoration' and then finishes the Auto match.  the log should like below

 INFO  VrfGateway   End of restoration.
 INFO  VrfGateway   Starting automatch
 WARN  VrfGateway   ##Time taken## Starting auto match
 WARN  VrfGateway   #### Found matchable APs in 236528 ms (time depends on number of AP's present on the server)
 WARN  VrfGateway   ##Time taken## Ending auto match 236528 ms


At this point log into UI  and confirm the floor plans and AP's are restored.

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