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How to restore admin access to the GUI if the admin account is disabled?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Admin user is unable to login via GUI after 10 incorrect login attempts.


In 7.7.10 as per DE17150, The AMP user authentication update allows users ten login attempts before disabling the user's access account. Restoring access requires another user with administrator privileges or CLI access.

The above statement can be found in the release notes for 7.7.10 as well.


There are two ways to restore admin access to the GUI

1) CLI - requires root access to the AMP

a. Login to the CLI  and access the database using 'db'
b. Run the query as shown below

airwave=> select login_attempts,is_enabled from users where username = 'admin';
-[ RECORD 1 ]--+---
login_attempts | 10
is_enabled     | 0

As you can see the value of is_enabled = 0 indicates that the account has been disabled after 10 incorrect login attemps

c. To restore access, update the column in the db as shown below

airwave=> update users set is_enabled = 1 where username = 'admin';

This will restore the access to the AMP GUI for the admin user

2) Login to the GUI using another admin account. If you do not have another admin account then the above step is the only way to restore access

a. Go to AMP Setup > Users
b. Edit the user account that has been disabled to enable access again.



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As per request from Drew Baldock, adding more details.


How to add an admin usser from CLI of Airwave?


# dbc "INSERT INTO users (username, password, role_id, password_format ) VALUES ('awsupport','2cf94b0aea63ebf7bf41c90fe500603e', 5, 'md5' ) ;"


This will add a new user with username : "awsupport" and password  as "admin" .


We can login and edit the password.

to make this work you have to use this command

dbc "update users set is_enabled = 1 where username = 'admin';


it doenst say dbc anywhere and you need to put it or it wont recongnize it


Alt least its on airwave 8.




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