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How to see the history of the commands ran in the Airwave CLI (bash) and also in the DB (psql)


How to check the old commands (history of commands) ran in the Airwave CLI and also in the DB (pgsql) ?


Any commands we ran on the Airwave CLI or in the DB they are logged in a file in /root directory.

we could log in to the Airwave CLI and execute the below commands to see the history in the files below:

# cd /root

# ls  -al

This above command will print out a list of files, among those are the below two files:

.bash_history  (If we open the file either with cat or less, we will see the list of commands which we executed on the Airwave CLI)

.psql_history  (This file will have all the sql commands executed in Airwave DB)

These files will have the history from the installation, unless, if any user manaully edits or deletes the file. 



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