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How to use Airwave server to run commands on a controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Summary : The script on_controllers is used on Airwave servers to run commands on the controller. The output can be emailed directly to your mail id as well


Environment : The script is available on all the versions of Airwave



/usr/local/airwave/bin/on_controllers "<COMMAND>" ["OPTIONAL TO EMAIL(S)"] ["OPTIONAL FROM EMAIL"]


/usr/local/airwave/bin/on_controllers "show running-config"
/usr/local/airwave/bin/on_controllers "show port link-event" ""
/usr/local/airwave/bin/on_controllers "show port link-event" "," ""

Following is an example of running "show_version" from Airwave server. The script would ssh into each controller, run the command and can optionally send email of the output as well

[root@amp-server mercury]# on_controllers "show version"
( #show version  Aruba Operating System Software.
  ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba3600), Version
  Copyright (c) 2002-2014, Aruba Networks, Inc.
  Compiled on 2014-09-16 at 23:50:53 PDT (build 46021) by p4build

  ROM: System Bootstrap, Version CPBoot (build 20527)
  Built: 2009-01-20 18:56:10
  Built by: p4build@re_client_20527

  Switch uptime is 1 hours 49 minutes
  Reboot Cause: User reboot (Intent:cause:register 78:86:0)
  Supervisor Card
  Processor XLR 532 (revision C4) with 1979M bytes of memory.
  32K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.

Usage :

1) You can forward the output to a file using

[root@demo mercury]# on_controllers "show version" > /tmp/version.txt

2) The output can also be emailed using

[root@amp-server mercury]# on_controllers "show version" ""


3) This can also be used in a crontab to run commands periodically and capture the output. However we strongly recommend to test it as it may cause performance issues on the server and can take a long time to execute.

NOTE: This script is added as a useful tool by TAC. This is not QA'ed and any changes or inconsistencies have to be dealt by the customer. Avoid using this script if it impacts performance of the Airwave server

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