IOS Firmware upgrade telnet EOF

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Why do I see this in the log: "Telnet/SSH Error: pattern match read eof"?

Usually, that's an expected error. You'll see it any time that AMP issues a reboot command, because AMP's connection is terminated when the device goes offline. 

If that's not it, it may be that the device is timing out while uploading a big file. On Cisco IOS devices, you can up the exec-timeout on the AP. The default is 5 minutes. On slow networks it can take well over 5 min just to download the file. vty 0 4 15

Also try increasing the AMP telnet timeout. measured in seconds

sub telnet_timeout { 10 }

in the /root/cvs/mercury/mercury/lib/perl/Mercury/AP/ file.

After you've edited and saved that file, be sure to use the "ml" command to load your updated code.

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