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IOS and the inline power injector setting and config mismatches

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

I'm getting a Mismatch config status when I add a setting for an inline power injector.

Q: I am trying to set up IOS templates. We use an inline power injector that has a setting on the Cisco access points that puts the following line in the config:

power inline negotiation injector 0002.162f.c84b

(Note: the MAC address will be unique for each AP.)

How do I resolve the mismatches?

A: There are a few options. The easiest solution is to use the override setting on each device so that it shows up the same for all, like this:

power inline negotiation injector override
power inline negotiation prestandard source

You can also use the ap_include variables and have AMP store a unique record for each device as you've described. That works, but as you've seen there's a lot of work involved.

I also understand that in some more recent versions of firmware, Cisco stopped expecting the MAC address to be in that line. Cisco has some good documentation of these settings, for example here:

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