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Max user counts different after upgrading to AirWave 7

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

After upgrading to 7.0 I'm noticing that the max user counts shown for the period before the upgrade have changed significantly. Why?


(From the 7.0 Release Notes)
1.3 Increased Granularity for Graphical Data
AirWave 7.0 allows for five-minute granularity for 425 days for graphical data. User count and bandwidth for users, devices and interfaces are all migrated to the new format. Graphical data generated under the old format are migrated to the new format. Average user data is migrated to 7.0, but max user data is not maintained from earlier versions. The upgrade script will check for sufficient storage space on the server before proceeding. Consult the Hardware Sizing Guide for 7.0 or contact AirWave support with questions about new requirements for disk space.

What's going on...
Prior to AirWave 7.0 the format used to store user data (RRD) tended to distort maximum values the further back in time you went. In 7.0 we moved to the more accurate AWRRD format which utilizes a system of higher granularity data storage. When we migrated the data to the new system we decided to replace the max values from before the upgrade with more reliable average values. We realize that the difference between the old max values and the average values may be significant in some cases. There is currently no functionality in the AMP to display the old max values. Reports generated before the upgrade can be used for trending purposes. The new AWRRD system (7.0 and later) generates more reliable max values.

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