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Message on the Home Page about a cache exceeding its allocated size :-

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

In AWMS 6.3.x users may notice a message on the Home-->Overview page that a cache has exceeded its allocated size and that an administrator should restart daemons. This message is triggered when a database file that is written to by one of the AMP processes hits the maximum size that the system has configured for it.

If you notice this message, there's a very simple process to resolve the situation and make the message go away:

First, click on the words "restarts AWMS daemons" which will be a blue link. You will be directed to the System-->Status page. Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the button under the Additional Log Files box that says "Restart AWMS." Clicking this button will trigger a restart of AMP's back-end processes. It will not reboot your server, but you may notice that the web interface is slow for a moment or two while the services restart.

When AMP's processes restart a larger file size will be allocated to the cache that ran out of space. In AWMS 6.4 (eta November 2009), there will be an improved system for handling this scenario without an AWMS administrator having to restart processes.

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