Migrate Airwave to a new box


Sometimes customers need to upgrade from a virtual machine to a physical machine. In these cases, they will need to do something like the following steps:



Manual Backup.

Take a manual backup using the following command


Once the process is complete copy the backup file named databackup.tar.gz from /alternative directory using winSCP or filezilla. Store this backup at a safe location. Take MD5 to be sure it was transferred okay.


#md5 (filename)


Install New Airwave.

Install the exact same version of Airwave which is on the VM, on the physical server. This can be done by downloading the ISO file of the version installed on VM from our support site https://support.arubanetworks.com. Login using your Aruba credentials.

Refer to Hardware sizing guide to build the hardware accordingly. Aruba TAC team will assist if required.


Restore Database.

Once the installation is complete copy the databackup.tar.gz file to /root again using WinSCP or Filezilla.

Run the command

#amp_restore –d /root/databackup.tar.gz


Once the restore is complete, the WebUI should be accessible.

What is restored?

1: Complete data backup which includes Visualrf and Rapids data as well.

2: License key. In case the new server has a different IP, contact Aruba support for a migrated license.

What is not restored?

1: Network configurations.

2: CLI credentials, you would need to create SSH accounts again.


Mandatory configuration changes to be made if IP of airwave is changed.

1: Edit the IP of the trap receiver on the monitored devices to the new IP of the Airwave server.

2: If managing/monitoring IAP, update the IP of Airwave on the IAP cluster.

3: Update firewall to allow  access to Airwave's IP.



Trust But Verify!


To verify if the process is complete run the following 2 commands from the CLI of physical server.

#svn info

The version mentioned in both the command outputs must be same which is an indication that restore is complete without any problems.


The amp_restore log under /var/log will have additional information about the restore process if required.

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