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Migrate Existing AMP Installation To A New AMP Server

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Aruba Employee

The migration of an AMP server to new hardware is fairly straightforward:

Step 1 - Upgrade the current server to the latest version
Step 2 - Backup your AMP's current data
Step 3 - Do a fresh install on the new hardware of the latest version of the AMP
Step 4 - Restore your backup on the new system


Your new server will need a license key:
- If the current server and the new server will NOT be on the network at the same time, and if you will be using the same IP address for the new server, you can copy the license key from the current server and apply it to the new server. The license key can be found in two places:
. - GUI: Home > Documentation page
. - CLI: /var/airwave/license/license.txt

- Otherwise contact support to get a temporary license key for the new server to be used during the migration process. We will typically generate a key with a 30-day expiration date to give you time to complete the migration.

- If the new server will have a different IP address than the current server, contact Support when you are ready to take down the current server. We will generate a new license key tied to the new IP address and replace the current license key in our records. 

The version of the AirWave server running on the new hardware *MUST* be the same as the version of the current server. Restoring a backup from one version onto a different version of the server is NOT SUPPORTED and may have unexpected results.

You usually do this by installing the latest version of the server on the new hardware, then upgrading the current server also to the latest version. Then you take a backup from the current server and restore it on the new server --both being on the same version.

If you would prefer to migrate the server FIRST, and upgrade later, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article for instructions on downloading the ISO install image of the version of the AMP server you currently have:

How can I download the ISO install image file for an older version of AWMS?

The latest AMP ISO install image is available for download at:

password: your-AirWave-support-password

If you don't remember your Support login credentials, please contact

Basic instructions for installing the server are available in the AMP QuickStart Guide at The QuickStart Guide includes all the information you need in order to get a new CentOS-based AMP installation up and running, including instructions for burning the AMP ISO image to CD.


Follow the instructions in the AMP Quickstart Guide to install the latest (or desired) version of the AMP from the ISO CD you created earlier.

You can obtain the QuickStart guide from the Support site:

Installing from the CD will install CentOS 5 as the AMP's operating system.
(note: the default root password is admin)


The first step in migrating is to upgrade your current AMP if it is not already running the latest version. If you are unsure what your current version of AMP is please check the Home >Overview page on the web UI or run the amp_version command from the command line. 

To upgrade::

1. Login to the AMP server as the root user.

2. Run the upgrade utility with the desired version

# start_amp_upgrade

For more information on upgrading, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article:

How do I upgrade the AMP?


An AMP backup creates one file: a data backup file. In all cases you will need the data backup to completely restore your AMP on the new hardware. To copy your data backup from your current AMP server to the new AMP we recommend using WinSCP (

1. From the AMP command line run the following commands:

# scripts; 
# ./amp_backup

This script will write a large amount of output to std out. It will take about as long to run as the nightly maintenance script that runs every night. (Check the timestamps on the your backup files and compare to the time nightly maintenance starts to get an idea of how long this is.)

2. The AMP backup script creates the new file in the /alternative directory. The file is called databackup.tar.gz. Using WinSCP, move the backup file to your desktop or to another server. In the next step, we'll move this file to the new AMP server and restore your current AMP's data on the new machine.


1. Copy the data backup file onto the new AirWave server and place it in the /tmp directory.

2. SSH into the new server, or physically access the server console and login as root. Run the AMP restore script.

# scripts; ./amp_restore -d /tmp/databackup.tar.gz

3. Open the web GUI in your browser and verify the server has restarted with the expected data.

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