Monitor CPPM using SNMP V3 using Airwave

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article implies to all versions of CPPM and all Airwave versions prior to 8.0.x.


CPPM goes down on Airwave if we use SNMP V3 to monitor it.


We had a limitation on prior versions of Airwave which had limitations for SNMP v3 monitoring CPPM. This has been enhanced in Airwave 8.0.x versions.


We can edit the data base to make it work.

1: Add a SNMP V3 user on CPPM.





2: Add the CPPM to Airwave , define the group and folder.

3: Provision the folder to use SNMP V3 for monitoring Aruba devices.


rtaImage (1).jpg



4: From DB, make the below change.
#dbc "update ap_group set universal_device_snmp_version = 3 where name = 'NAME-OF-GROUP';"

In the example above, i ran the below command.

 dbc " update ap_group set universal_device_snmp_version = 3 where name = 'local-test';"


After making this change please poll the device and it should come online.

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