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Need to enable audit configuration at least once when using AMON or SNMP

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Issue: Client SSID information is not updating and there is client count difference when using AMON or SNMP


Environment Information: Airwave running on 7.7.x and above versions.


Symptoms: Inaccurate client count and missing of client SSID information.



If snmp or AMON is enabled (by extension especially when Prefer AMON vs SNMP is enabled), then auditing needs to have been successful at least once to allow AMP to calculate the proper BSSIDs per radio.


When these BSSIDs don’t exist, the clients are dropped since they don’t have any corresponding BSSIDs in the AMP database.


Need to enable Audit configuration in all Groups->Basic page irrespective whether that group contain only APs or controllers.

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