Not able to do TcpDump on ALE2.0



We would need to do packet capture to find out connectivity issues between the network devices. However, ALE 2.0 doesn't come up with the RPM for Tcpdump due to which we won't be able to do the packet capture.



We wont be able to find the tcp command when we try to do the packet capture.

We can check the tcp packet by executing the below command on ALE CLI,


[root@ale ~]# rpm -qa | grep tcp*


Output would be empty as we don't have the packet installed.

To resolve this we have to install the TcpDump rpm manually.



To install the rpm for TcpDump we can follow the below steps,


  • Make sure we have internet access on the server
  • Execute the below command to install the rpm package


# yum install tcpdump



Once we do the yum install, we can use the below command to verify whether the packet is installed


[root@localhost mercury]# rpm -qa | grep tcp



Now we should be able to do the packet capture using the TcpDump command.

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