Placemarks used in outdoor planner

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question :               What are the supported placemarks in the outdoor planner?

Environment ::      Placemarks are used in the kmz file generated on google earth in the outdoor planner

Answer   :            It's mandatory to use basic placemarks in the outdoor planner tool provided by Aruba. The tool does not support any other placemarks.

A basic placemark is just a waypoint with an elevation. There cannot be any other items or sub-elements in the placemark for instance a white rectangle around a placemark.

Right click on the placemark for its properties. If you see the message - “Edit limited to part of Multi Geometry collection”. It is not a BASIC placemark and the kmz upon upload will throw an error below

"Element POINT is undefined in THISPLACEMARK"

Once you submit the KMZ you will see the error as shown below





If you see the above you need to re-build your KMZ with a basic placemark which should help you proceed further with the outdoor plan.

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